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In seeking a publisher for your scholarly research, the most important consideration is finding a good fit. The reputation and strengths of publishers vary, and the most advantageous approach is to find a publisher that has proven success in publishing books similar to yours in subject, period, region, and readership. Virginia has a reputation for publishing quality scholarship in American history and government, eighteenth-century and Victorian literature, Afro-Caribbean studies, cultural religion, architectural and environmental history, and trade books of regional interest. We strongly encourage you to peruse our website or catalog to gauge whether your book would be a good fit for our publishing program. If so, please query the appropriate acquisitions editor.

The University of Virginia's specific guidelines for preparing proposals and manuscripts are all available on this Author's page. But you may have more general questions about publishing with a university press--such as standard timelines for publishing, explanations of copyright and contracts, and expectations regarding the marketing of your book. You are invited to bring such questions to one of our acquiring editors, but the Association of University Presses' new website  Ask UP provides answers to such frequently asked questions, helping new authors navigate the world of publishing with university presses.

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Submit this questionnaire to the acquisitions department only after your manuscript has been invited for consideration by an acquisitions editor. The questionnaire should accompany any manuscript invited for consideration.

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Our Acquisitions Team

Angie Hogan
Editor, Humanities, Environment, and Science(434)
Beth Colón
Associate Editor for Africana
Clayton Butler
Marketing Associate and Assistant Editor(434)
Fernando Campos
Mark Mones
Editor, Architecture, Urban Design, and Regional Books(434)
Nadine Zimmerli
Editor, History and Politics(434)
Steve Momper
Director, Darden Business Publishing(434)

Active Series

Completed Series
Academic Book Series
A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era

This series seeks out the best new scholarship on the U.S. Civil War era, particularly works that connect the war to the major themes of the era and that integrate the social, political, economic, and cultural experiences of the period with military events.

Series Editors: Orville Vernon Burton, Adam H. Domby, and Elizabeth R. Varon
Academic Book Series
Best New Poets

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Buildings of the United States

Buildings of the United States is a series of books on American architecture compiled and written on a state-by-state basis. The primary objective of the series is to identify and celebrate the rich cultural, economic, and geographical diversity of the United States as it is reflected in the architecture of each state. The series has been commissioned by the Society of Architectural Historians, an organization dedicated to the study, interpretation, and preservation of the built environment throughout the world.

Series Editor: Karen Kingsley
Academic Book Series
CARAF Books: Caribbean and African Literature Translated from French

The CARAF Books series is designed to make available to a public of English-speaking readers the works of contemporary francophone writers in the Caribbean and Africa that have been heretofore unavailable in English. For students, scholars, and general readers, CARAF offers selected novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and essays that have attracted attention across national boundaries, offering valuable insights into a highly varied group of complex and evolving cultures.

View the CARAF Proposal Guidelines

Series Editors: Renée Larrier and Mildred Mortimer
Academic Book Series
Colonial Society of Massachusetts

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Constitutionalism and Democracy

This series publishes outstanding titles on constitutional politics, legal culture, and the historical relationship between democratic government and the social and economic forces that shape it. The editors seek manuscripts on constitutional development and legal history as well as both qualitative and quantitative analyses of judicial politics. At the same time, they aim to encompass a broader set of topics, including comparative law and courts, new institutionalism, and the theory of democratic principles and legal institutions.

Series Editors: Gregg Ivers and Kevin T. McGuire
Academic Book Series
Cultural Frames, Framing Culture

The Cultural Frames, Framing Culture series examines both the way our culture frames our narratives and the way our narratives produce the culture that frames them. Attempting to bridge the gap between previously disparate disciplines, and combining theoretical issues with practical applications, this series invites a broad audience to read contemporary culture in a fresh and provocative way.

Series Editor: Robert Newman; Associate Series Editor: Justin D. Neuman
Academic Book Series
Early American Histories

A series of studies on early modern North America and the Caribbean from 1500 to 1815, Early American Histories promises innovative research and analysis of foundational questions central to the work of scholars and teachers of American, British, and Atlantic history—books that bring the early American world into focus.

Series Editors: Douglas Bradburn, John C. Coombs, S. Max Edelson
Academic Book Series
Jeffers and His Time

Series information coming soon.

Academic Book Series
Jeffersonian America

This series aims to illuminate the American republic’s formative decades by publishing the best new scholarship in the field. Younger and established scholars address the critical social, cultural, and political issues that faced the founding generations as they sought to establish a nation.

Series Editors: Charlene M. Boyer Lewis, Annette Gordon-Reed, Peter S. Onuf, Andrew J. O’Shaughnessy, Robert G. Parkinson
Lecture Series
Kapnick Lectures

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Louisiana Artists Biography Series

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Midcentury: Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism, and Design

Encompassing architectural, landscape, urban, interior, and other forms of design, Midcentury Modernism was an international movement that had its inception in the era immediately preceding World War II and extended well into the 1960s. It was expressed not only in important High Modernist works by Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius, and the daring futuristic constructions of Buckminster Fuller, but also, more modestly, in the new vernacular landscapes, architecture, and cityscapes of suburbia. Today we have enough distance on the quotidian works of the era to consider them of historical and cultural significance. In fact, stylistic aspects of both high-style and mass-market design of the time are frequently reiterated in contemporary architecture, and period buildings have escalated substantially in value. 

MIDCENTURY: A Series on Architecture, Landscape, Urbanism, and Design will consider manuscripts in architecturally related disciplines within the distinctive cultural context of their time. Its temporal parameters will be 1945-1970; though primarily American in focus, it will be open to transnational and comparative projects as well. 

Format for Proposals: Approximately 80,000 to 85,000 words with a maximum of 60 black-and-white illustrations (e.g., halftones, line drawings, maps, site plans). Only under very unusual circumstances will color illustrations be considered for inclusion.

Academic Book Series
Miller Center Studies on the Presidency

Advancing innovative scholarship on the American presidency, this series seeks to ask timeless and novel questions about the institution and its role in a constitutional democracy, to re-invigorate its study across disciplines, and to publish its findings through novel vehicles and formats. Through a capacious approach to the field, it seeks to highlight the relevance of historical developments to current affairs and to explore the evolution of the office over time.

Series Editors: Guian A. McKee and Marc J. Selverstone
Academic Book Series
Minds of the New South

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
New World Studies

New World Studies publishes interdisciplinary research that seeks to redefine the cultural map of the Americas and to propose particularly stimulating points of departure for an emerging field. Encompassing the Caribbean as well as continental North, Central, and South America, the series books examine cultural processes within the hemisphere, taking into account the economic, demographic, and historical phenomena that shape them. Given the increasing diversity and richness of the linguistic and cultural traditions in the Americas, the need for research that privileges neither the English-speaking United States nor Spanish-speaking Latin America has never been greater. The series is designed to bring the best of this new research into an identifiable forum and to channel its results to the rapidly evolving audience for cultural studies.

Series Editor: Marlene Daut
Academic Book Series
Page-Barbour Lectures

Founded in 1907, the Page-Barbour Lectures and an endowed series held annually at the University of Virginia. The lectures, which may be in any field in the arts and sciences, are to present “some fresh aspect or aspects of the department of thought” in which the lecturer is a specialist and are to possess such unity as to be published in book form by the University.

Documentary Editions
Papers of George Washington

Description not yet available.

Documentary Editions
Papers of James Madison

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Peculiar Bodies: Stories and Histories

Questioning the body as the historical subject of experiences “peculiar” to it, this series examines the myriad forms of the body—healthy, diseased, athletic, crippled, alluring, pious—across all disciplines, periods, and geographic contexts. The series embraces a range of historical, literary, and philosophical methodologies and theories around the idea of “the body.”

Series Editors: Carolyn Day, Chris Mounsey, Wendy J. Turner
Academic Book Series
Race, Ethnicity, and Politics

This series explores the implications of the increasingly multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural composition of American cities and of American society more generally. Books in the series look at intergroup competition and conflict; at ambiguities of increased minority representation resulting from white out-migration and the application of the Voting Rights Act; at daunting urban crises in which race and ethnicity play a central part; and at a range of theoretical issues tied to racial and ethnic diversity.

Series Editors: Luis Ricardo Fraga and Paula D. McClain
Academic Book Series
Reconsiderations in Southern African History

Until the demise of apartheid, the historiography of southern Africa was dominated by opposing schools with differing analyses of it. This series reflects facets of southern African history that were neglected by these contending historical schools. Indeed, changing power relations in the region have broadened the scope of historical inquiry. Emerging topics include the history of women, religion, ideas, popular culture, the professions, manners, childhood, disease, mental illness, death and dying, technology, and the environment.

Series Editors: Richard Elphick and Benedict Carton
Academic Book Series
Religious Freedom and Public Dialogue: A Robert Nusbaum Center Series

Originally established in 1996 as the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom, the Robert Nusbaum Center at Virginia Wesleyan University encourages diversity, dialogue, and religious freedom and supports education and civil dialogue on issues related to race, religion, gender and gender identity, sexuality, and ethnicity. With its series Religious Freedom and Public Dialogue, the Nusbaum Center seeks to publish books that investigate historical and contemporary conceptualizations of religious freedom; books that interrogate the complex relationships between religion, race, and culture; and books that explore the impact that contested determinations of religious freedom have on public life.

Series Editors: Eric Michael Mazur and Kathleen M. Moore
Lecture Series
Richard E. Myers Lectures

The Richard E. Myers Lecture Series, hosted by University Baptist Church of Charlottesville, Virginia, presents world-class scholars with the opportunity to share their research. Rooted in Anselm’s motto “faith seeking understanding,” each volume represents a unique partnership between the academy and the church.

Series Editor: The Rev. Dr. Matthew Tennant
Lecture Series
Richard Lectures

Since 1923, the James W. Richard Lectures is an endowed series held annually at the University of Virginia. The lectures are to be in religion and comparative history and such that the University might publish them as a book.

Academic Book Series
SAH/BUS City Guide

Buildings of the United States is a series of books on American architecture compiled and written on a state-by-state basis, with separate guides for specific cities. The primary objective of the series is to identify and celebrate the rich cultural, economic, and geographical diversity of the United States as it is reflected in the architecture of each state. The series has been commissioned by the Society of Architectural Historians, an organization dedicated to the study, interpretation, and preservation of the built environment throughout the world.

Series Editor: Karen Kingsley
Documentary Editions
Selected Papers of John Jay

Description not yet available.

John Jay. Edited by Elizabeth M. Nuxoll
Academic Book Series
Studies in Early Modern German History

This series emphasizes new and fresh approaches to German history during the early modern Period: ca. 1400-1800. Including works translated from German and original works in English, the series introduces readers to some of the most innovative and creative books on subjects ranging from the history of madness and witchcraft, to the culture of drinking, the most powerful German merchant family of Renaissance times, and early German reactions to the discovery of America. These are not the conventional topics taught in schools but examples of the vitality and variety offered by historians of the Holy Roman Empire (the German language area).

Series Editors: Joel F. Harrington, H. C. Erik Midelfort, and Tara Nummedal
Academic Book Series
Studies in Pure Sociology

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Studies in Religion and Culture

Our series of studies in religion and culture sustains its focus on questions of interpreting religious and cultural traditions and the interplay between them. The series includes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches. What unifies the series is a set of shared issues and questions rather than a single religious tradition, academic discipline, or cultural focus. These shared concerns have to do with the meanings of religious and cultural traditions in view of the challenges to them in today’s world.

Series Editors: John D. Barbour and Gary L. Ebersole
Academic Book Series
The American South Series

This series is devoted to publishing innovative work on the American South. Its goal is to reach across conventional boundaries of discipline, geography, and chronology to foster fresh perspectives on the region. The series welcomes historians, literary scholars, anthropologists, geographers, photographers, folklorists, journalists, and others whose work focuses on the southeastern United States during any period of the past or present. The Press encourages interdisciplinary and comparative studies as well as those that examine the place of the region in national or international contexts.

Series Editors: Elizabeth R. Varon, Orville Vernon Burton, and Warren E. Milteer, Jr.
Academic Book Series
The Black Soldier in War and Society: New Narratives and Critical Perspectives

This series is open to a wide array of scholarship on the ramifications of “soldiering” on the economic, social, cultural, or political lives of Black individuals, families, and communities. The editors seek projects that will highlight the long, and in many cases unending, fight for racial and social justice across time and space in the Black Atlantic.

Series Editors: Le’Trice Donaldson and George White Jr.
Academic Book Series
The Carter G. Woodson Institute Series: Black Studies at Work in the World

The series editors seek to publish new monographs and essay collections, focused broadly on Black history, literature, and culture in multidisciplinary and diasporic perspective. We are open, simultaneously, to work that captures the various articulations of Black Studies at work in the world of academia and beyond.

As ours is a series named for the famed historian Carter G. Woodson, we especially encourage projects that engage the "pillars" of Woodson's scholarship and research, as well as those that explore the continued implications and inflections of his work for contemporary intellectual questions and scholarly research in Black Studies. Broadly speaking, these pillars include Religion, Education, Migration, Labor and Economics, Africa and African Diasporas, Politics and Intellectual Production, and Family.

In addition to these topics, foundational to the intellectual history and development of Black Studies, we also solicit manuscripts that chart innovative directions and open new scholarly conversations for the field.

For more details and information, click here

Series Editors: Deborah E. McDowell, Shawn Leigh Alexander, Robert T. Vinson
Academic Book Series
The Malcolm Lester Phi Beta Kappa Lectures on Liberal Arts and Public Life

The Malcolm Lester Lectures are held annually as part of Mercer University’s Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony. For each series, an important figure in American higher education delivers three lectures on the value of a liberal arts education. Named for its benefactor, a graduate of both Mercer University and the University of Virginia, this series fulfills Dr. Malcolm Lester’s vision for a series of lectures that supports the mission of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and that reaches a broad audience to influence the discourse about liberal arts in the United States.

Series Editor: David A. Davis
Academic Book Series
The Revolutionary Age

Embracing a broad chronology and geography, this series seeks to publish original scholarship on the revolutionary and counterrevolutionary upheavals that transformed the Atlantic world between 1750 and 1850.

Francis D. Cogliano, Christa Breault Dierksheide, Eliga H. Gould, and Patrick Griffin
Lecture Series
Thomas Jefferson Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Traditions and Transformations in Tibetan Buddhism

Building on the extraordinary scholarly reputation and archival resources of the University of Virginia, this series seeks to publish the most innovative scholarship on the cultural, intellectual, and social life of Tibetan Buddhism.

This series will investigate both the stability of Tibetan religious culture from its historical beginnings in the sixth century through the modern era, as well as how the religious tradition has changed in reaction to historical realities, technological transformation, and social unrest. To facilitate an interdisciplinary approach, the Traditions and Transformations in Tibetan Buddhism series acquires projects on four interconnected themes:

  • Ritual Traditions and Textual Transformations:

    researching how Buddhist contemplative, ritual, and textual traditions entered Tibet and went through processes of remarkable transformation

  • Tibet in its Historical Milieu: researching the historical interactions of Tibetan Buddhist practices and beliefs with the world and peoples around Tibet

  • Tibet and the Modern World: investigating the contemporary renaissance of Tibetan religious practice and identity in the People’s Republic of China and India

  • Tibetan Buddhism in Diaspora: examining how Tibetan Buddhist practices are being transformed as Tibetan communities spread throughout India, Europe, and America

David Germano is Professor of Religious Studies and Director of both the Contemplative Sciences Center and the Tibet Center at the University of Virginia

Michael Sheehy is Director of Scholarship at the Contemplative Sciences Center and Research Assistant Professor in Tibetan Buddhist Studies at the University of Virginia

Series Editors: David Germano & Michael Sheehy
Academic Book Series
Under the Sign of Nature: Explorations in Environmental Humanities

Under the Sign of Nature is devoted to the publication of high-quality works of critical inquiry and narrative scholarship in environmental humanities and related areas. The series encompasses scholarly monographs, trade books, anthologies, readers, and selected paperback reprints of classic works. Innovative interdisciplinary projects characterized by excellent writing and relevance to multiple audiences are particularly encouraged, as is international work.

Series editors: Sarah Dimick, Alison Glassie, and Jesse Oak Taylor
Academic Book Series
United States Capitol Historical Society

Description not yet available.

Academic Book Series
Victorian Literature and Culture Series

This series seeks to publish the best contemporary scholarship and criticism on the Victorian period, including work undertaken from a range of disciplinary—and interdisciplinary—perspectives.

Series Editors: Herbert F. Tucker Associate Editors: William McKelvy, Jill Rappoport, and Andrew Stauffer
Academic Book Series
Writing the Early Americas

Spanning the broad chronological territory between contact and colonization through the long nineteenth century, this series invites scholarship that amplifies, challenges, and re-grounds the study of literary culture in the U.S. by highlighting the varied spaces, temporal periods, and forms of language of the early Americas.

Series Editors: Anna Brickhouse & Kirsten Silva Gruesz

Completed Series

Active Series
Academic Book SeriesCenter Books
Academic Book SeriesEarly Modern Exchange
Academic Book SeriesEarly Modern Feminisms
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Academic Book SeriesGeorge Washington BookShelf
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Academic Book SeriesSouthern Texts Society
Academic Book SeriesThe Virginia Bookshelf
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